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Man died on bus, but Utah family wasn't notified for nearly a month
VERNAL — For almost a month, Shonna Luck believed her husband was missing. She worried. She made phone calls. She met with a police detective to review surveillance video. "We never imagined that he was in a morgue somewhere for 27 days and nobody even tried to notify us," Luck said Monday. Mark Mussack had boarded a Greyhound bus in Vernal on New Year's Eve. He was supposed to arrive in Tempe, Ariz., the following day, after transferring to one bus in Denver and another in Albuquerque. He never made it.

Family Not Notified of Man's Death for 11 Days

The poor handling of William Mullins's death suggests a health-care system under siege. William Mullins didn't have an easy life. He was born 60 years ago with cerebral palsy and some moderate mental challenges, a somewhat lower-than-normal IQ.

Family angry over death notification

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(Memphis) Jerry Allen claims the last time he heard from his older brother Dennis Allen was before Thanksgiving, “The last time I’d seen him was in November, he called me on my birthday and we got together.”

Lawsuit: Medical Examiner Had Man’s Body, Never Told Family

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CHICAGO (CBS) — The family of a John Doe who went unidentified for several months is now suing the Cook county Medical Examiner’s office.

Our interview with KFBK.

The mission is to make sure that no one in a hospital dies alone, and it's one that's close to her heart.

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