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Hope Brookins of Los Angeles says

"This is awesome! and would have been just what we needed when my uncle had a stroke while in downtown San Diego. He ended up unable to speak or write and was in hospitals for 2 years as a John Doe before anyone was able to locate him"

It is our mission that you never have to receive that paralyzing phone call hours after you kissed your child good bye, assuming they are at school, saying that your beloved child has died as a result of being hit by a car then to have the police or hospitals say they are so sorry it took them so long to notify you but your child had no ID on them indicating whom to contact. We believe that with the My Life Directive Foundation you will be able to rest easy knowing your Parents, Spouse or Children will have an ID that will reconnect them to you quick and easily. You nor the ones you love should ever have to be alone during the time of crisis and certainly NO ONE should have to die alone. These types of stories should never happen. Don’t let it happen to you or someone you love. Please register and donate today!

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